Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli Essential Oil is a beautiful, fresh, warm, sweet-floral fragrance true to its natural flower aroma. It is a premium oil, a natural antidepressant with antiseptic, bactericidal, deodorant and digestive benefits.

Neroli (Citrus aurantium) is extracted from the flower of the citrus family of plants known as the Rutaceae. Its most important use is in helping with problems of emotional origin though it is also highly useful for wrinkles and scars, to tone the complexion and for circulation and nervous dyspepsia.


  • Eases anxiety, nervous tension, shock and stress
  • Reduces stretch marks, scars and thread veins
  • Improves circulation and nervous dyspepsia

Skin Sensitivity:

Neroli Essential Oil can be applied topically without dilution.


  • Diffuse 3-5 drops in water to ease anxiety, tensions or stress, or breathe directly from the bottle
  • Apply 1-3 drops on chest, back of neck, wrists or soles of feet
  • Apply 1-3 drops topically in 1 teaspoon carrier oil, such as coconut oil, for greater coverage and skin absorption


For sensitive skin, test 1 drop on your forearm to check your skin’s reaction. If irritation occurs, dilute in a carrier oil.

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