The Essential Shop sells the highest grade (6-star) 100% pure and natural certified organic (ACO/USDA) essential oils for living. Our focus is to promote the use of essential oils for the relief of stress or anxiety, to increase energy and to heal common health concerns.

We’ve experienced first hand the incredible benefits of using pure and natural certified organic essential oils, that’s why we want to share this discovery with you.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds extracted from various parts of plants, grasses, herbs, flowers, seeds, fruit and trees. They are fragrant and rich and often they are colourless. Some oils such as frankincense and vetiver are golden in colour, while citrus oils tend to mirror the colour of the fruit. Historically, essential oils have been used as far back as Biblical times, for perfuming in baths and on the body and for purification.

Essential oils have calming and soothing properties, and are often today used in massage, skincare and body products to relieve stress and anxiety, calm nerves, reduce inflammation and itching caused by bites, burns or bruises, and are highly effective for physical and emotional pain and tension. Due to their anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, essential oils are often also used as antiseptics for both humans and animals. Essential oils can also be used for immune boosting, to improve circulation and for both cleansing and detoxing the body.


Our Quality Guarantee

The Essential Shop chooses only the highest grade (6-star) 100% pure and natural potent, undiluted, unadulterated, Australian Certified Organic (ACO)/United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified organic essential oils from Australian manufacturers, sourced from reputable, ethical and eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious plantations throughout the world, to sell to you.

We have researched, tested (and qualified) our suppliers’ products to ensure that what we sell is exactly what we (and they) claim them to be.

All our essential oils, essential oil blends and carrier oils are always ACO/USDA certified organic and the highest grade (6-star) 100% pure and natural oils. We never compromise on this quality. This also applies to hydrosols, extracts and CO2 extracts that we sell or may at times use in our health and beauty products.

In the rare circumstance where we are unable (due to availability or cost) to include certified organic ingredients in our custom-made health and beauty products, we will clearly state this on the labelling. All our products are clearly labelled with all ingredients listed in order of concentration (adhering to Australian labelling requirements), unlike many other health and beauty companies who fail to do this.

If we are unable to gain information from a supplier or manufacturer about their ingredients, we will not purchase from them. Our philosophy is to be transparent and we expect the same from our suppliers. This is part of our promise to our customers, to inform them and communicate openly what we are using and selling in our products.

We choose only good chemicals, those safely and non-toxically extracted from plants and vegetables, for example natural preservatives, emollients, emulsifiers, waxes and butters, and sulfate-free and paraben-free base products.

How we began

The Essential Shop was conceived in 2014 by Gina Jaaskelainen. Gina was introduced to essential oils by one of her work colleagues, and after using essential oils for only one day, she immediately experienced the benefits in her life. This single episode inspired Gina to begin a journey to source the highest quality, purest, certified organic essential oils in Australia and bottle them for everyone throughout the world to enjoy as a natural health alternative.

About Gina


Gina has been using essential oils to relieve stress, anxiety and depression for many years. Diagnosed with depression in 2006, Gina has been on a long journey of mind-altering side-effects from the harsh and unfriendly chemicals doctors have prescribed to her. She is still on this journey of recovery.

Today, Gina uses essential oils every day and every night—during her work day, in her car, when she is away presenting or running workshops, and in the simplest and most complex moments of life. Essential oils are Gina’s go-to relief for all physical, mental and even spiritual ailments.

Understanding how essential oils work, their healing properties and using them effectively has helped Gina get through really tough times. Essential oils have shown remarkable, consistent and lasting positive physical and mental benefits.

Gina is very excited about encouraging the use of essential oils as a natural, safe solution for depression and anxiety—and not only this! She believes that essential oils are effective for everyday health issues for the entire family.

Gina has found benefit in using essential oils for skin and hair care, body and mind relief, inflammation, cuts, bruises and bites, muscle aches and pains, tension, headaches, and much more.

A word from Gina

“I personally know what it’s like to juggle a hugely hectic schedule while at the same time trying to deal with major stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and burnout.

When it was recommended to me to try essential oils as a natural solution, I openly received it because I had tried so many conventional so-called “solutions” with only negative results, often worsening the symptoms and harming me physically and mentally. Being willing to be receptive at that time is something I’m so glad about now.

Essential oils have helped me incredibly. While I am still a work in progress, essential oils calm me, reduce my anxiety and help me manage my emotions. Breathing essential oils every night helps me refocus my energy towards my health, wind down my over-active mind and achieve overall balance. Over the last two years that I have been using essential oils regularly, I have overcome my on-again-off-again smoking addiction. I have learned to recognise negative emotions and stabilise them with essential oils before they escalate, I have a passionate desire to achieve a clean body, mind and spirit.

My ultimate goal is to end the cycle of unwelcome emotions and find joy in life through experiencing a sustainable state of excellent physical and mental health. This is what I want to give to others too—a wonderful peace and passion for clean, healthy, drug-free living.”

About Markus


Markus is the chief writer for The Essential Shop and a passionate researcher of health and fitness-related topics. As a young adult, Markus practised yoga and vegetarianism. Today, Markus is a strong advocate of high-dose vitamin healing, the ketogenic/LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet and bodyweight exercise.

Markus approaches health from a naturalistic point of view, believing that doctors and the medical system do not always have the right answers. To him, being responsible for his own health is self-defense against an industry that puts monetary gain before life—and proven alternative cures.

Following a healthy lifestyle has allowed Markus to keep in good shape after beginning a low carb diet and intermittent fasting, and losing 25 kilos. His physical exercise routine includes a daily walk with his dogs and a weekly calisthenics programme.

He has come to trust in the healing properties of essential oils while researching and writing about them. He has experienced their power in calming an agitated mind, and vouches for their pain-killing properties after using them through various ailments, including tooth infection.

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