Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper is a warming and invigorating essential oil used for disorders of digestive and circulatory systems, as well as for muscular pains and rheumatic diseases.

Black Pepper Essential Oil is extracted from the dried and crushed fruits of the black pepper plant (Piper nigrum). As a spleen stimulant, it aids with anaemic conditions by boosting production of new blood cells. It fights colds and flus and has been used in India to treat urinary and liver disorders for 4000 years.


  • Easies muscular and rheumatic pain
  • Treats digestive tract disorders
  • Helps with fever, weakness and aches
  • Increases appetite and relieves constipation

Skin Sensitivity:

High concentrations of Black Pepper Essential Oil may be irritating to the skin, use sparingly.


  • Massage on limbs and body for rheumatic pain and muscular aches
  • Massage on stomach for constipation, loss of appetite and slow digestion
  • Inhale directly or vaporise in a diffuser to alleviate symptoms of colds and flu


Generally non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitising. Excessive use may be harmful for kidneys.

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