Essential oils for new life and new beginnings

When we think of Easter, most of us think of new life and new beginnings. In the Christian tradition Easter is about resurrection, freedom and hope for new life.

Many people that are unfamiliar with the healing properties of essential oils think they are merely sweet-smelling natural perfumes (like Lavender or Rose). They may go a step further and recognise some as antiseptic or antiviral (such as Tea Tree or Eucalyptus).

However, essential oils are so much more than just perfumes or antiseptics.

Essential oils have such far-reaching benefits for the mind and body and can effect our limbic, respiratory, digestive and even reproductive systems. When used to address specific health problems or emotional issues, essential oils have the potential, in themselves, to give you a sense of new life.

The beginning of a new series

Easter is a perfect time to introduce a new post series to The Essential Shop readers. We just completed the Basics of Essential Oils Series and now it’s time to look deeper into aromatherapy and explore in more detail each application of essential oils as well as individual studies of each oil.

In this, A Deeper Look Series, I’m going to explore the following topics for each of the oils pictured below.

Topics for each essential oil:

  • Healing/medicinal properties;
  • Aromatic, topical or internal applications;
  • Plant character traits;and
  • Mind, body, spirit uses.

The essential oils:


As an introduction to this new series, I’d like to start now by sharing my own thoughts about new life and new beginnings.

What is new life?

When I think of new life or new beginnings, I think of a few distinctive emotions or states of mind:

  • Renewal
  • Restoration
  • Hope
  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Forgiveness

When I think of what these emotional states mean physically, here are a few ideas:

  • Renewal – a reinvigoration for life—the expression of excitement, happiness, smiling or laughing; having self-awareness and self-insight
  • Restoration – a physical renewal of the body—the healing of long-standing bodily pain/illness; recovery from long-standing mental illness/imbalance
  • Hope – increased physical activity that reflects new life/new beginnings—walking/exercise, getting out and about, socialising, helping others, being with family, friends, pets
  • Courage – physical and mental acts that exhibit courage—a willingness to embrace change and new ideas and take risks, innovating/inventing/creating, stepping out of our comfort zone and enjoying the challenge
  • Stength – of mind, body and spirit—physical strength of the body to sustain itself during illness; strength of mind to withstand trauma/stress; spiritual strength to have faith during trials
  • Forgiveness – a preparedness to forgive and forget (the hardest of all)—having let go of anger and disappointment; being free of resentment of others; not envying, idolising or coveting what others have or who others are.

This is the beginning of what I’d love you to think about in preparation for our deeper look at the above essential oils.

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