Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is an uplifting oil used to help with intellectual fatigue and mental fog. It neutralises acidity in the body, and is recommended for rheumatism, gout and arthritis. It increases the amount of blood cells stimulating the immune system

Lemon Essential Oil is cold-pressed from the peel of the lemon fruit (Citrus limonum). It acts to stop nose and other bleeds and can be used to remove warts and corns as well as to treat varicose veins.


  • Clears mental fog
  • Helps to stop a nosebleed
  • Removes warts and corns

Skin Sensitivity:

Lemon Essential Oil may be sensitising, dilute in a carrier oil before topical use.


  • Tip on a cotton pad and insert into the nostril to stop a nosebleed
  • Apply undiluted on a wart to remove it. Cover with a band-aid during the day
  • Inhale from the bottle or diffuse into the room air to lift mental fog


Lemon Essential Oil is phototoxic. Do not apply topically and expose skin to sunlight. Non-irritant.

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