A Deeper Look Series: Vetiver Essential Oil


Vetiver is a grounding and relaxing essential oil used to alleviate the effects of depression, anxiety and insomnia. It is distilled from the roots of Vetiveria zizanioides, a grass plant used for its anti-inflammatory qualities in the Indian medicinal tradition, ayurveda. Vetiver’s warming qualities are beneficial in rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pain. It also regulates […]

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A Deeper Look Series: Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender Essential Oil is a potpourri of chemical ingredients, which is one reason for its versatility as a healing herb. The primary effect of lavender, both mentally and physically, is that of balancing and regulating the spirit, body and mind. #7 of 10: Lavender Essential Oil Lavender is a short, fragrant shrub growing to the […]

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Is there something in your physical or mental state that is stopping you from sleeping?


Insomnia is a temporary or chronic inability to fall asleep or maintain sleep. It is estimated that more than 30% of people suffer from some form of insomnia. Women are in the majority of insomniacs, and about 35% of those being sleep-deprived have someone in their family who has also experienced insomnia. Causes of Insomnia […]

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A Deeper Look Series: Roman Chamomile Essential Oil


Roman Chamomile is a small, sturdy herb with a hairy stem and multiple branches. It has feathery, pinnate leaves and beautiful white flowers similar to those of the daisy. The plant has a distinct apple flavour to its scent, which explains the etymology of its name. The word chamomile is derived from the Greek words […]

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Melissa (Lemon Balm): the ultimate essential oil for depression, clarity and focus


Melissa (Lemon Balm) essential oil is a sweet, fresh, citrus-like rare oil. It is known to attract bees (hence the name “Melissa”, Greek for honey bee). Melissa (melissa officinalis) is a citrus, herbaceous oil extracted from the leaf and top of the mint or deadnettle family of plants known as the Lamiaceae. Melissa’s primary uses […]

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Aphrodisiac or relaxant: discovering the power of Vetiver essential oil


The last few nights I’ve been using Vetiver essential oil to help me sleep. Now let me tell you what a discovery I found out about Vetiver! Prior to using Vetiver, I’ve always used Lavender essential oil to help me calm down before sleeping. I lie in bed after a shower, drop a few drops […]

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