Exercise for life: 5 essential oils to improve fitness performance and help you recover from accidents


We all know exercise is important for our health. Some of us even feel guilty for not moving enough. As with all-important life changes, however, the impetus for moving has to come from within. There is no amount of social pressure that will turn a couch potato into a gym junkie—unless the person themselves is […]

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A Deeper Look Series: Immortelle (Helichrysum or Everlasting) Essential Oil


Immortelle is a versatile and premium essential oil whose therapeutic benefits fall into various categories. It is an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic. It is helpful in treating skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, allergies and psoriasis. Immortelle helps heal burns, dermatitis and acne. It is a wonderful aid in treating diseases affecting the respiratory system, […]

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